30 October, 2011

P i Z Z a @ h o m e

My (and my oldest son's) favorite homemade pizza is the Napoletana (below).  If you're not an anchovy fan let me just apologize in advance.  I happen to love them in many things and have even been known to eat them plain!  I prefer them most in my salad dressings, melted in my pasta sauces, and on top my favorite pizza. Here's how you make a Napoletana pizza...
Start by making your favorite crust.
top with your favorite marinara 
now mince up 3-4 anchovies and dot all over the pizza
a couple handfuls of capers
a sprinkling of oregano
a little bit of mozzarella cheese
a drizzle of olive oil over the top
Bake on top of a hot pizza stone for a perfect crust. This pizza looks like it has a handle. ha ha

                                            And for my younger sons--pepperoni of course. :)

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