08 July, 2013

My favorite body scrub...

I found this scrub a few years ago while getting a mani-pedi at a Nashville spa i used to frequent.   I picked it up on a whim because I had a gift card I needed to use up before it expired.  To be honest, I'd never been huge into body washes or scrubs.  I've got a very sensitive nose and I'm pretty picky about my scents.. Sensory Fusion Pomegranate Salt Glow Scrub changed that! This product is just luscious!  It exfoliates with just enough coarseness, smells aMaZing, and is super for priming your skin before self tanner. Pomegranate is the only scent I buy, but lemongrass or mango ginger sound really yummy too.  Here's where you can find this magical stuff. mAgiCaL sTuff

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