15 October, 2013

Fall trees & The Plummer House

We live at the top of the hill in our subdivision.  You wind up nearly a mile of road before getting to our house.  If I could stand on our roof I could really get the best pictures ever, but that won't be happening in this lifetime. These are taken from atop the hill on the street next to ours.  The fall colors are just breathtaking-even with an overcast sky.  I'm so thankful that God gives us such amazing beauty to enjoy!

^^^The Plummer House from a distance

One of my favorite places to visit in Rochester is the Plummer House. Built in 1917, it's the former home of, Dr. Henry Plummer, a prominent internist and endocrinologist who, along with Drs.William Mayo, Charles Mayo, Stinchfield, E. Starr Judd, Christopher Graham, and Donald Balfour founded The Mayo Clinic. It's a tutor style home with acres of lush gardens all around it. The slate roof is amazing.  The Plummer house is a must see if you visit Rochester.
^^^^i want these^^^
I'd love to have these two orbs on my front porch.  I'm not sure if they were used for planters, but they're unique and perfect.  The rich patina is my favorite, I'm not sure if they're wrought iron, copper, etc ?.. but they definitely look heavy. They're also bolted down, i'd imagine in an effort to curb other orb enthusiasts (such as myself) from doing anything stupid.

               A few shots of the gardens...is this a cool tree (below) or yeah? 

 Stone paths lead all the way around the house...

Here's a link to some more info on Dr. Henry Plummer.  He was quite a remarkable guy:

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