25 July, 2014

A mascara review

If I could only have one thing from my makeup bag for the rest of my life it would be mascara.  I love the stuff because I really feel as though mascara...it well...has my back.  It can in just a few seconds of wand stroking give me the semi-liquid black courage to make me feel fairly confident heading out of the house with only it accompanying me.  
I will say that Maybelline, in my opinion, makes the best drugstore mascaras.  Great lash used to be my absolute favorite and old stand by.  Then they came out with the Colossal Volum and that quickly replaced Great Lash as my steady.  I love this stuff.  I decided with summer-- and sweating more, being around water, more activity.. I would try the waterproof version.  I was really disappointed because the stuff is nearly impossible to remove!! I have to use make up remover cloths and then it still feels crusty.  When I wake up in the morning it's still running under my eyes. So I definitely DON'T recommend the waterproof version.  I will have to throw this out before I have no eyelashes left!  I will continue to buy the Regular Colossal Volum because it's a great product. 

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