31 July, 2011

i'm diggin'...

Just sharing some of my favorite things as of late...

i saw this amazing painted floor while perusing indy.com.  what a terrific way to get your own personalized rug.  i love the color combination also.  

i saw this outfit and it got me excited for fall.  it's sooo hot and humid here in the south.  i'm pretty sure it's pretty widespread right now. not complaining but i'm ready for some cool.  i'm a sucker for a great handbag, and that imo is pretty great.  i also love the scarf and jeans. 
Details: Banana Republic Ashbury handbag, J.CRew Boucle bomber jacket, J.Crew matchstick indigo wash jeans

I love this. i believe it's slices of different license plates put together to make a sweet statement.  

RED. VELVET. BROWNIES. courtesy of smells-like-home.com.   do these look yummy or what?  i plan on making these just as soon as it's not 110 degrees outside and i'm able to crank up my oven.  recipe upcoming...

happy sunday y'all.  make this week a wonderful one

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