25 July, 2011

tomato sand-miches

my tomato plants didn't do as well as i'd of liked this year.  the ones that started out with tons of blossoms fizzled out and haven't given but a couple pieces of fruit.  i have a couple other plants that (unexpectedly) have done really well, thankfully.
my family loves BLT's and I make them at least once a week.  I have a post on here from way back when with the addition of avocado.  oh yum.  tomatoes, bacon, and avocados are three of my very favorite things.  btw...what's with the price of bacon at the market?  it's crazy!!
anyway...i have an abundance of tomatoes (especially since my hubs has been gone a lot lately and he's the biggest tomato eater in the family).  apart from making gazpacho, BLT's, and giving a lot away i've been eating a lot of tomato sand-miches.  that's just the way we say it around here.  the simplicity of it is really wonderful.
i like to use a hearty type of bread and toast it.  this is Arnold's health full 10 grain bread.  it's got 4 g of fiber in each slice and a touch of sweetness that goes nice with the tomatoes.
-hearty bread, toasted+
-home grown tomatoes+
-mayo = yummy

  a simple breakfast, lunch, or dinner
...add an egg for some protein.

next post: tasty things to make with cucumbers!

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