12 December, 2011

Much to do

Wow, it's been nearly a month since I've posted.  I guess that's an indication of how things have been around here.  Lots to do, but where is the categorized list of "to do's" I need to accomplish?  This procrastinator's "to do's" don't seem to start rolling until I terrifyingly see the end of the tunnel and the pressure begins to be applied. 

Things are just kinda crazy right now.  Unfortunately, I've never been a planner and organization is not familiar to me, so having to plan an overseas move has been a little nerve racking.

After doing lots of research and getting much advice on what you can't get in Brazil I thought I'd let you all know exactly what I'm stocking up on and hauling down to South America in my samsonite.  

Everything cost more in Brazil.  A lot more. 

My boys love peanut butter (we all do).  I've been told many times that you can't find PB in Brazil.  If you can find you some, you may pay through the nose for it.  There is supposed to be Brazil's "version of PB" (can i just say ewww), but good ole' Skippy or Jif...not so much.  That had my boys a little frightened.  How will we survive without Jif??  So, we've got a case of PB for the first 6 months in Brazil.  If we decide to stay longer than that, we'll make our own. 

REAL maple syrup. This supposedly cost 3-4X more in Brazil than what we pay here in the states.  Hopefully these three jugs will survive 40,000 feet for 10+ hours. 

Nestle, semi-sweet, chocolate morsels are an American institution... but not if you live in Brazil. Chocolate chips like these are a special thing there I guess.  My hub's finance department there have already made it known (to my hubs and then he relayed it to me) that they love cookies.  "We like chocolate chip!" was the command request made by his department when he told them his wife liked to bake goodies now and then and bring them to the office.  Me... in the kitchen... following a recipe in metrics.  You see, I rebelled against metrics in school. 'When will I ever use this?' I said.. so needless to say, I'm a bit rusty in the metric dept.   We may all be in trouble. :) 

Have a beautiful week!
Tchau y'all!

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