14 April, 2013

H i


 I have taken a long break from blogging! It's been a crazy 9+ months since my last post and moving up north.. away from my beloved Tennessee to arctic cold (and kinda dark)  Minnesota. The hubs just happened to land a great job, so here we be.   Lets just say we're still adjusting.

Although I felt plucked from my balmy, green, full of happy people, and all that is southern and lovely-- NASHVILLE (yay!), I am certain that nothing in my life happens without a purpose.  So... I take comfort in knowing that God's got it all under control, and my job is to just trust and obey. 

 It's good to be back...to blogging that is.  Even if my mom's the only one who reads my posts I still enjoy doing it.  Oh Rochester, Minnesota...I know there must be some right brainers around here somewhere...

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