15 September, 2014

Respect the Grits!

Grits get no respect!  *Cue the music* "All I am say-a-un... is Give Grits a Chance!":)

 It seems as autumn sets in my fondness for warm and starchy dishes hits overdrive. Hunkering down and eating meals from a bowl is the idea.  Just keep your gym card pass almost as close as you do your grit spoon if ya know what I'm saying.  No worries.  Everything in moderation, right?

I, myself, love grits!  When fall weather hits I eat them at least once a week, and not just for breakfast.  They are warm, hearty, and very comforting.  This morning i made them with some butter, 1/2 piece of bacon, and some emmantal gruyere cheese. Grits and cheese were made for one another! Season 'em well with salt and pepper. Put a fried egg on top and you've got a quick and easy meal! I tend to like my grits savory, but you can also add some honey or cinnamon sugar and raisins or dates. You can buy instant Quaker grits in the cereal aisle. They aren't quite as good as the long cooking ones, but they're still very good.  1/4 c. grits to 3/4 c. water.  microwave 3-4 min. depending on how thick you like 'em--the longer they cook, the thicker they'll be.  And by all means please use a spoon!
Here's some good GRIT add-ins:
hot sauce
try chicken stock in place of your water when cooking grits
any kind of cheese
sausage, bacon, ham, or any leftover meat you may have.
Shrimp with your grits 
maple syrup
cinnamon sugar

Happy Monday y'all!

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