04 April, 2011

Finally the floors are done!!!  3 days of men working in the home all day can make you a bit weary.  But we are very thankful.
I thought I'd just give a quick picture of our bedroom.  Sunday my husband sweetly took my camera in to be cleaned for me. I won't have my camera back for 3 weeks!!  We've never been apart that long before.  :)  

So...as you can tell from the pics above I'm using an old little digital(very poor quality) to shoot some pics of the floors.  The cute little punk on the bed redeems this photo and makes it just perfecto.   Here's our room.   I wanted to show you the floors.  That is my favorite Anthropologie rug underneath the bed.  If you see spots on the picture, those are compliments of the icky camera.  I'm too tired to edit.  sorry.  Anyway, you kind of get the idea.  I will post more pics later.  I will def have enough time to get my rooms put back together before my camera comes home.  

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