16 April, 2011

A few of my favorite things on Etsy- - -

when i found etsy back in 2007, it was fairly new and not widely known.  i had already been offering my work on my website, so i was excited to find another outlet.  i quickly opened my shop and set about listing my pieces- - mostly hand painted linens from my 'saving grace' line, a few paintings, and my personalized 'love trees'.  i loved the concept of having my own shop and being able to sell only what i loved.  my artistic belief is--make only what you l<3ve... those who love what you do will find you.  conformity in the realm of creativity, is in my opinion, bondage ):  be brave!

well, as reality set in i realized that my time was way too short.  teaching my kids and trying to manage other responsibilities at home was already, at times,  a bit overwhelming for me.  i am not a type A and definitely not a multi tasker.  i had to really slow things down. i ended up closing both shops.  my husband and kids are my priority.  maybe one day when life slows down a bit i'll be able to focus more on my creative endeavors.  right now tho' i want to relish in this time with my kids because they will be grown and gone before i even realize.  

so, if you haven't discovered etsy yet, you are in for quite a treat!  if you love handmade items - art, clothing, jewelry, etc.. and want to spy what hundreds of thousands of artists have to offer - - - have at it.  you may become addicted.  

CLicK it:   http://www.etsy.com/index.php

i still have my shop, and although it presently sits empty, i hope to have time this summer to work on a few pieces to offer

i wanted to share a few things from some artists that i really dig.

**The abundance of talented photographers on Etsy is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!**
Here is a favorite of mine-


We (mama & papa) eat our porridge in bowls like these:

*although i own a droid, not an iphone, these covers are ridiculously cute.  great gift idea!*

*This ring is lovely.  can you say mother's day?*

*this gal makes the cutest cats.  they stand on their own, and i love the uniqueness in design*

*i'm a sucker for a green leather handbag.  you can find many beautifully made leather bags on etsy, and i bet you won't see one just like it shopping at the mall.  so rich.*

*oh if i was thin and could pull it off... *

And this is my favorite skirt ever.  Is that fabric fantastic or what? drool.  <3<3<3

I hope you enjoy Etsy and buy Handmade!!!

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