01 May, 2011

May Day

As a child growing up in the midwest I truly loved to make and deliver May baskets.  I never really knew the history behind May Day but I loved delivering the vessels of goodies to friends' front porches, ringing the door bell and running.  If your friend chased you down and caught you, you might get a kiss.

I think my mom liked it almost as much as I did.  I imagine it must have something to do with my Swedish roots and my grandma making them with her. May Day is big in Sweden and other European countries.  I remember making them every year until I got too old and loss interest.  There were times it was last minute and mom didn't have anything to put in them.  My mom would quickly pop some popcorn or make some little cookies to stick in there.  I might decorate some dixie cups or make some homemade cups out of construction paper.  And there were always little handmade notes put inside (my favorite part).  Sometimes you'd get a basket and there would be no note.  It would drive me crazy if I didn't know who left it. 

I live in the south and I never hear of May baskets here.  What???  I mention May Baskets and people look at me with confusion.  That's just sad.  My boys have no interest in May baskets (rightfully so).  Every May 1st I talk about how much fun it was way back when to make 'em -bla-bla-bla- and they kinda just roll their eyes.  I guess it's kind of a girlie thing to do.  Maybe I'll get to make baskets with my granddaughter/s someday.  :)

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