31 May, 2011

I'm back/Korean BBQ

Wow, I didn't realize it had been 3 weeks since I'd last posted.  I've been busy with end of school year things, a trip to NYC, and life in general.  

You won't see many photos of the family's trip to NYC because quite simply, I misplaced the SD card with my vacation photos.  It was an 8gb so the amount of photos lost (approx. 600) is nauseating. I try not to dwell on it.  I'm praying it shows up sometime soon where I least expect it.  I think I left it in the NYC apartment we stayed in but no show yet.  Life goes on.

Let me just say that after eating NY food for a week, coming home to Nashville to get a
Chick-fil-a sandwich (something I usually love) was a disappointment to the taste buds.  The food there is so great.  Even my husband and boys swear the hot dog vendor's dogs are extraordinary.  :)  I'm not a fan, but I can vouch for their pretzels. :)

My hubs served in the USAF for nearly a decade.  A few of those years were spent in Seoul, Korea.  He introduced us to Korean cuisine (particularly Korean BBQ) quite a few years ago.  We all love it and frequent an authentic Korean restaurant here in Nashvegas called The Seoul Garden.  

After our visit to the Empire State Bldg. last week we walked a few block to NYC's Korean Town.  What a wonderful area!  Lots of great restaurants and tea shops.
 We found this restaurant called Won Jo.  We were excited to try Korean BBQ in Korea Town.
  Korean BBQ is marinated pork, chicken, or beef (called bulgogi) that they bring and you cook it on grill that is built into your table.  They bring rice, lettuce leaves, and all sorts of wonderful side dishes called kimchi.  Kimchi is a delicious spicy, fermented, cabbage. Other types of kimchi might be radish, cucumber, potatoes, eggs, fish, etc.. (see all the little white dishes above are kimchi) You take your lettuce leaf and put on the meat, rice and whatever kimchi you want and roll it up. Yum.  It's one of my favorite things to eat.  The kimchi soup was my favorite thing tho'.   Fun times and great memories were made.  

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