22 May, 2012

Corn on the grill

Corn on the grill is Crazy good!! Some folks put it in foil.  Some like to grill it in the husks.  I (or the hubs) like to go full-fire and just hover it right above the coals. Hickory coals that is!  You've got to try it.  It's SO very scrumptious!!  

Corn ears, husked and cleaned
extra virgin olive oil
Old Bay or Cajun seasoning
prepared grill (hickory charcoal preferably)
softened butter

Prepare your grill and heat to medium heat. We usually put the corn on while we're waiting for the coals to be hotter for the meat we're cooking.  Husk and clean your ears of corn.  Drizzle some olive oil over and rub it all over the corn. Sprinkle with Old Bay or some spicy cajun, or anything you like really.  Place the corn on the grill and start turning it to get the even charring all around.  It'll take about 15-20 min.  Don't overcook it or may become mushy.  When you're done serve it along with some softened butter and enjoy.  Oh. Yum.

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