02 June, 2012

Ceiling fans (a necessary evil?)

Having ceiling fans in the south is not only a nicety, it's a necessity.  So glad that over the years fan designers have stepped up and improved the looks of these formally aesthetically unpleasing eyesores.  Those ignorant designers who won't hang a ceiling fan (especially in the warmer southern regions) are not being sensible in the least.   A room can look good all day long, but if you're sweltering in it, no one will want to hang out there.  Yes, we'd all rather see a gorgeous light fixture or chandelier above our heads, but a ceiling fan in all it's wonderful practicality (beautiful breezes blowing in our faces) doesn't have to be ugly.

This first picture above is of a fan (three blade) that we bought my oldest son.  I'm not giving the manufacturer or name because it was a useless fan.  Three blades DON'T do the job.  The blades were also shorter.  My son loved the look, but unfortunately we ended up replacing it a few months later. I'm just saying beware of shorter, 3 bladed fans like these.

TEOLO FAN from Harbor Breeze (above top pic the actual fan in my house, bottom pic is from Lowes website.
This is the fan we ended up putting in our master bedroom.  We also replaced our son's three blade with this one and put another in our upstairs bonus room.  I love the simple, modern look of it. And it and puts out a wonderful amount of air very quietly.

URBANIA FAN from Harbor Breeze.  This is the fan we got for our living room.  It looks tons better in person.  Again, I like the simple design, and the breezes produced from it's FIVE, 54" blades makes my family happy in the heat of summer.

So that's the ceiling fan situation at our house.  Putting up a ceiling fan doesn't have to jeopardize your style. There's lots of great options out there.  

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  1. I agree with you – a ceiling fan doesn’t have to compromise the style of a space. With the number of options available nowadays, you can surely find one that will complement your space. And it’s also true that in some areas, especially in the south, ceiling fans are a necessity because it helps regulate the air inside the room. Unlike a standing fan that only blows the air, a ceiling fan circulates the air all over the room.

    @Staci Severns