29 August, 2010

My college boy

Today was my oldest son's college convocation ceremonies. His classes begin in the morning! This is a picture my middle son took of us before it began.  He looks excited doesn't he?  Actually, he is excited, but a little nervous like any college freshman would be.  
I don't have any clue where the last 18 years have gone.  I only know that as we stood in that college auditorium listening to the band play the Star Spangled Banner, the reality was that a new phase of his life was beginning.  As I looked over at him, with his hand on his heart, tears welled up in my eyes.  I am so thankful to the Lord for this wonderful boy He blessed us with.  We dedicated him to the Lord many years ago.  We pray that no matter what he decides to do in life that he will seek Christ above all. That he'll hold fast to truth of scripture and never be ashamed to proclaim the gospel. No matter what. There is nothing more important than that.  It's all about the cross.  That is all. 

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