05 August, 2010


I've never been a contemporary kind of girl.  A matter of fact just a few years ago I turned up my nose at just the thought of all that minimalistic, clean line kind of craze. 
 Years later I find myself becoming much more accepting.  I'm not only accepting, but actually craving a mix of my beloved traditional pieces with something modern or contemporary.  Mixing pieces is what I really enjoy.  Maybe my taste is becoming more eclectic. I choose to call my taste "Tratemporary".  Yes, I just made that up.
Here's a piece I admire:  Crate and Barrel's Hendrix desk (below)  I love it!!  I would call the style contemporary, yet it seems to have a bit of a rustic, traditional flava. I'm not degreed in design, so I don't know if my assessment is spot on.  To me though, design is like art, in that it's  very subjective.  These are just the facts...according to me. :)  Although I'm not going to be shelling out $1299 for it any time soon ever....   a girl can dream. 


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