03 August, 2010


For some unexplained reason, every summer, usually in July, a hankering for red beer overtakes me.  I'm thinking it usually happens after a trip to my midwest hometown.  I don't know why it is,  but it really is kind of funny.  After all, I am a self confessed beer snob who turns her nose up to any "cowboy pee" domestic trying to call itself a real brew. I do however drink a Michelob Ultra often in the summer for the sake of calories and fill.  When we're talking red beer tho'...I will even tolerate a Bud light.  I draw the line at Miller lite, Coors, etc...  Ewww.  Sorry if you're offended, but that's not beer.  These are just facts...according to me.
Sooo... I grab my favorite beer mug and pour with abandon the cheap, caloric friendly, domestic "cowboy pee" I wouldn't touch otherwise. I fill my cup 3/4 full.  Now, I top it off with some crazy good Clamato.  Have you had CLAMATO???  That is some salty goodness girls!!  I'll worry about the water retention tomorrow. :)    rEd BeEr.  mmm.

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