03 December, 2010

Biscuits n gravy

Gravy isn't evil.  Real gravy is all made the same way   So, as long as you're not eating it on a regular basis and only occasionally, gravy is a very good thing.  My favorite type of gravy is made from bacon drippings.  I rarely make it because my husband prefers sausage gravy with sausage in it.  I on the other hand like plain white gravy.  And since I had a couple pieces of bacon left from my greens last night, and left over biscuits, it was only logical to make some bacon gravy.
2 slices bacon fried in pan or use a microwaveable bacon tray.  You need 2 T. of bacon drippings.
2 T. flour
2 c. milk
salt and black pepper
buttermilk biscuits

Place the bacon drippings in a skillet on medium heat.  Once it's warmed up sprinkle in the 2 T. of flour.  Begin to whisk the flour into the drippings until you get a thick paste.  I like to try and brown it a little so it doesn't taste "flour-ey".  Now slowly pour in your 2 c. of milk while continuing to whisk.  Stir until thickened.  Add salt to your taste and lots of black pepper.  Pour over your biscuits and sprinkle a little bacon on top if you like.

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  1. This is my southern husband's FAVORITE dish. Hands down. :)