08 February, 2011

Last week I injured my back rather seriously.  This resulted in much bed rest, a doctor's visit, and much more bed rest.  A ruptured disk with displaced cartilage was the diagnosis for now.  As I was beginning to feel some back relief, hoping to say goodbye to all day bed rest, I came down with a stomach bug that left me in bed another 3-4 days.  So basically over a week was spent (wasted) in bed while I helplessly convalesced.  It was all part of God's plan and His will for these last 8 days of my life for some reason.
To say my hubs took exceptional care of me would be far too inadequate.  He stayed home from work with me a day and a half and I don't know how I could have managed without him. Walking was an extremely painful task. He helped me out of bed, walked me to the bathroom, helped me shower and dress, and waited on me hand and foot.  My kids were taken care of and didn't miss a meal (albeit hot pockets and pizza rolls) thanks to their daddy.  A real man loves and cares for his family like that.  He is my sweetheart and my hero all rolled into one. :)
DLP made several trips to the grocery store with the boys.  A couple days ago he comes home with thrice washed organic spring mix (he knows I love spring mix), balsamic vinagrette, and some very nice Porterhouse steaks (he may love those more than me) and announces he's got stuff to make me a steak salad (he knows that's one of my favorite things).  I was right in the midst of the stomach bug so the appeal value was scoring pretty low on the appetizing scale. But..his thoughtfulness in picking out those things just for me because he knows how I love steak salad (when I'm well) was an extremely sweet and a loving thing to do.  I love that guy. 
So I had to wait until my stomach was well enough to eat it, and that was tonight.  DLP did his magic and grilled those Porterhouses up with his special marinade--Grey Poupon and Montreal steak seasoning. 

 Rub the steaks first with the mustard and then sprinkle on the steak seasoning.

Did you know a Porterhouse Steak is a filet on the left side(smaller half) of the bone, and a NY strip on the right side?

Here's the delicious steak salad DLP made for me.  It was wonderful. We had it with our favorite Hahn pinot noir.  

I'm taking it slow and feeling better everyday.  I thank the Lord for giving me such a wonderful husband. 

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  1. mmmm! Mouth watering. So sweet of him to do that for you. I am so glad you are feeling better!