11 February, 2011

Sandwich pockets

 Do you buy those expensive little Smucker's Uncrustables?  They are enclosed little pockets of bread full of peanut butter and jelly.  When they first came out I had to laugh.  How much easier could it get than to make a PB&J for your child?  Had we become so ridiculously lazy that we now needed to pull a pre-made, packaged one (with umpteen unrecognizable ingredients) out of the freezer?  I will admit I bought them once when Publix had a BOGO sale plus coupon.  I paid very little for them.  My boys thought they were pretty neat.

 We've all seen the crust-cutter-off-ers but this is way better.  While perusing the bread aisle at the store my middle son spied this cool little tool that cuts the crusts off of sandwiches and makes them into little pockets.  These may have been around for awhile and I haven't known about them.  Either way I'm excited about about my "new"                                  
discovery.  I'm going to use it to make different kinds of sandwiches with different bread and fillings too.

See the little Wonder tool?  Here's how to use the tool:  Spread your filling on your bread but don't spread the filling all the way to the edge.

Place your Wonder tool on top the sandwich
Push down the white end on the sandwich first.  This cuts off the crust.
Next you push down the red part of the tool.  This seals the sandwich.
                                                 The sealing part is pretty magical. :)
                                                      Look at how cute that is!
A little pocket of crunchy peanut butter (see the peanuts?) and jelly.  good stuff.  My boys are older but it's still nice to make lunch fun.  

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