27 September, 2011

Humble beginnings at 4001 1/2

 I've found myself reminiscing recently with a couple different people about our old hometown of Omaha.  Recalling so many things about our time there has gotten me homesick in a lot of ways.  I met my husband there, had 2 of my children there, and made many wonderful friends and memories.

When I met my husband he was recently out of the Air Force and sharing this little, yellow, alley house (below) with a friend and one or two other buddies who might as well have been paying rent since they almost lived there.  It was a definitely a bachelor's pad.  T.V. trays were a permanent fixture in the living room, messy bedrooms and strewn clothes on furniture, and good luck finding a clean dish to use for the non-existent food in the fridge. Don't let me forget to mention the couch on the front porch (that's called Bachelor pad ala white trash).  I think it belonged to their landlord who lived in the house directly in front.
Do you see the little part of the house sticking out with the four windows on the right? That was the kitchen.  It was a galley kitchen literally not much wider than what you see there.  I went over one day when they were at work and cleaned the place up, washed every dish in the kitchen, and made DLP and his friends dinner.  When they walked in the to a clean house, the dirty dish-free kitchen, and a homemade meal they thought they'd died and gone to heaven.  I will say my cooking wasn't amazing when I was in my early 20's but with guys used to a constant diet of fast food and ramen noodles I guess it tasted pretty darn good.

DLP's  roommate eventually moved out, DLP and I got hitched and had the place all to ourselves. I picked out a classic blue/white pinstriped sofa and loveseat (which would still look great now, btw, that's a whole other post).  Our first son came along the following year.  We bought our first home a few months later.  There are so many wonderful memories in that little yellow house though.  It will forever be special in my heart. 

The little yellow alley house.  4001 1/2 was the address!

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