03 November, 2010

Beautiful Watches

Isn't a watch a terrific thing?  Not only does it adorn your wrist and look lovely, but it serves a real essential purpose in keeping time.  The high price watches aren't significant to me.  You can have your Rolex, Cartier, and Tag Heuer (I can't come close to affording them anyway).  My favorite watch ever was one I found in a pawn shop when I was nineteen. It was around $15.  A very thin, flat and large face with a plain roman numerals and a flat black band.  Simple and classic.  I think it must have been some weird off brand because I could never find a replacement once the insides stopped functioning.  Here's a few of my favorites right now:  
Remember SWATCH?  I had two in high school. They're still around and have some really cute styles.  I love this one they call "Frozen Breeze" $50. http://store.swatch.com/special-collections/watches/page/1/GN231

I like Fossil watches.  They are affordable and have lots of cool styles.  This style called the Three Hand Convertible Silver watch caught my eye.  $95

This watch is actually a man's watch.  I like the simplistic flat face. I'd prefer a black band tho'. It reminds me of my favorite pawn shop watch.  $175


Very nice.  $575


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