03 November, 2010

Magic Chopper

I use lots of onions when I cook but I hate cutting them.  Many years ago my hubs DLP bought me a "Magic Chopper".  I believe it was one of those "As seen on TV"type products.  It's dangerous for DLP to watch infomercials because he inevitably is drawn like a moth to a flame and like a sheep to the home shopping network slaughter he'll follow and believe that the product (as they claim) will change my life.  It's sweet and thoughtful of him and I do love him for it. Well, I ended up LOVING the chopper.  I used in continually for many years. So my old original chopper chopped it's last onion a few months ago.  I looked all over (Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Sears, Walmart, etc..) for a new one to no avail.   I finally found one here in Nashville at Old Time Pottery.  It was still under $20!  I would have paid way more.
                  The Magic Chopper
      Cut off onion ends and peel it
      half it and into the magic chopper it goes
       Give it a few turns and like magic---
Chopped onions with NO tears or smelly hands and easy clean up.  Wash it in some warm soapy water and dry.  I don't usually put it in the dishwasher.  I probably should have picked up two. :)

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