17 November, 2010

Chili and mashed potatoes?

I peeled my last 6 potatoes with the intention of making Shepherd's pie for dinner.  Like I do so often I opened my lazy susan to discover I had no canned green beans.  I'd used them last week for Boola Boola (a great recipe of my dad's that I'll share later).  So...I had to go to plan B.  Plan B was chili.  So I had potatoes already peeled so I boiled them up while I made the chili.  Both mashed potatoes and chili are great comfort foods and so wonderful on a cold fall night.  I had never had chili over mashed potatoes before.  My mom in law loves chili with rice, restaurants makes chili cheese fries so I thought why not the chili over mashed potatoes?  Once I tasted this I wondered why I'd never done it before.  Delicious overload.
Yes, it's rich, but what comfort food isn't? A small portion is quite satisfying.  It's quite good let me just tell you.
So next time you're in the mood for some serious comfort food--mashed potatoes and chili.

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