06 November, 2010

Saturday odds and ends

Better late than never.

                                                           Carrs and daddy 
                                                   Connor helping remove filter

                                                    Daddy working hard
                                                     the pool cover
                                                    Until next year...

Table talk
 Here lies our kitchen table.  Every scratch and stain made in the 8 years we've owned it are reminiscent of some event or time in our lives.  This is wear and tear with love.  Thousands of meals (literally), many hundreds of homeschool days, and many good friends entertained.   So...the point of the photo is I wanted to show you these cute Dwell Studio place mats I found on clearance at Target yesterday.  They are cork on the bottom, easy to clean, and cover a lot of our unashamed wear and tear if we need them to.
Cute huh?

gobble gobble:
 I have a flag for every season and most holidays.  I've had the same Thanksgiving flag for about 7 yrs.  I was excited to find a new flag yesterday (again at Target) for $2.50!!  It's still a little wrinkled but a great little flag for the price.  

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