26 January, 2011

White Stilton with blueberries

Cheese is surely one of my favorite things to eat. If there was only one thing I could eat on earth for the rest of my life, that thing would most likely be cheese, well a variety of cheese with some crackers, fruit, bread and wine.  Let's don't forget the wine please. :) I love to try all different kinds of cheese, and, well, we all know cheese and fruit go together like peas and carrots, a horse and carriage, etc. right?  There is simply nothing better than a sharp, flavorful cheese, some figs, grapes, or berries, a loaf of hearty bread, and a nice bottle of wine.  It's delicious simplicity!
I love Stilton cheese.  I don't buy it often but I think it's a terrific tasting cheese.  I had heard of Stilton with blueberries and thought it must be magical so imagine my pleasant surprise when at my local Mt. Juliet Kroger I spied a basketful in the deli.  It's not a bargain cheese mind you but it's oh so worth the steep (okay perpendicular) price you pay for it.  This cheese is actually delicious enough to serve for dessert, and some people do just that.  Oh, it's so good, and if you get a chance to try it you won't regret it.  If by chance your local supermarket doesn't carry it here's a quick link to buy some on Gourmet foods.  The next one I'm going to try is mango/peach.  Oh my.

You can google it to compare other sites and prices if you're interested.  Get interested.  You won't regret it. 

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