09 October, 2010

Kate Spade's TWIRL #4

Kate Spade's newest fragrance Twirl debuted in September.  I was excited to try the scent being how I love Kate Spade's bright and crisp take on design.  I don't think I've ever eyed a K.S. bag I didn't have a serious jones for.  
Twirl is described as having notes of pink watermelon, blackberry, and red currant.  The heart includes orange blossom, star jasmine, tiare flower and magnolia, resting on a base created of glittering musk and French cookies (Macaroon).  
I loved the bottle.  Uh oh...that  doesn't resonate much fondness for the fragrance itself does it?   It smelled very similar to a couple other fragrances I'm familiar with, particularly  Yves Saint Laurent's Baby Doll.   I prefer something with more staying power.  Twirl faded too fast and wasn't original enough to interest me.

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