22 October, 2010

Cat, You Better Come Home

Last week my oldest son, a freshman in college, received a package in the mail.  I could tell it was a book.  I figured he'd bought one of his college books on Amazon as he's done before. When he got home from school I gave him the package.  A while later he came back downstairs and handed it back to me.
"Open it mom" he said  "It's for you."  I took the package and unwrapped it.  When I opened it I was so overjoyed (and a little choked up) to see one of he and I's favorite books from his childhood-Cat, You Better Come Home.   We checked it out from the library when Connor was probably about 5 or 6.  We loved the book from our first read and we read it together countless times.   It's about a diva cat named Puff who leaves home because she thinks she deserves a better life.  She finds in the end that no fanciful life can compare to the comforts and love of home.  It's the sweet tale of a cat learning contentment.  It's hilarious, really.  

It was such a thoughtful sweet thing to do, and something I wouldn't have expected from my oldest.
I love that kid so much.  I am so thankful to the Lord for giving us Connor.

My youngest son loves the book now.  

No matter how cliche' it sounds, reading to your kids is so important.  It's making an impact and you're making memories together. :)

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