22 October, 2010

Random Friday

It seems like the weeks are flying by. The first quarter of school is already done!  This weekend is going to be super busy.  Cayden has his robotics competition all day tomorrow from 8-5. Wow.   Then DLP has a dinner for work we have to attend in the evening. That's gonna be a looong day.  Above is  Cayden (red hoodie) with his team last week at Cool Springs Mall.  They needed to make some major adjustments to their robot for the competition tomorrow. Go Lipscomb!

* My little buddy Spurgeon looking super cute as usual. :)

BUCKYBALLS!  Have you seen them?  My middle son has been begging asking nonstop for these things for months! Then my youngest son caught on and had to get in on it also (the whining asking for Bucky Balls that is).   Finally, we gave in. These things are pretty fantastical (that really is a word.:)  They are little, powerful magnetic balls.  Obviously you don't want to get them too close to your laptop or other electronics.  I wouldn't buy them for kids younger than 9 or so. 
Look at this cute little ring they made me. Purdy! :)

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